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Teen Resources

Below are our top recommended books, websites and other tools for you to use. Check your local library for books if financial resources are limited.

Dr. Sheri Turrell’s New Book


The ACT Relationship Skills Workbook for Teens: Getting to Know Your Relationship Patterns, Boundaries, and Values for Happier, Healthier Connections

by Sheri L. Turrell PhD & Mary Bell MSW RSW


Relationships are tough. Family, friendships, romance - they've all got their own complications. So, what can you do?

We're all wired differently and programmed to think and react in certain ways. Are you a people-pleaser or someone who trusts too easily? Do you find it hard to put your guard down or often compare yourself to others? This book helps you to see how your programming affects the way you communicate and relate to others, and gives you the tools to upgrade it. 

Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a positive, practical approach for getting in touch with who and what matters to you and learning to take your thoughts and feelings with you to reach your goals, this book will give you the tools to get to know your own values, build healthy boundaries, and boost your communication skills. It will help you to better understand yourself so that you can build happy, healthy relationships.


Educational Courses

Choose Your Life
CYL - SIGN UP 2.png

In light of today’s economic climate, we are holding the price at last year's rate!

Choose Your Life – an educational and experiential self-help course for adolescents, ages 13-24, is almost ready! 


If you are an adolescent who experiences unwanted thoughts, emotions, or physical feelings, and who has run out of ways to try to get rid of them or quiet them down, there may be an alternative!


Choose Your Life (CYL) is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an approach that will teach you how to take your thoughts and feelings with you, while you put your time and energy into who and what matters.


This approach has a lot of scientific support and has helped my patients to make the changes they want, so their life is more meaningful and purposeful.


As a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in ACT, I created this program to benefit young people who may not have access to a therapist who is skilled with ACT, who may not be able to afford individual therapy, or who prefer to move at their own pace in the privacy of their own home.


Choose Your Life provides you with educational information and practices to try out, so you can learn the skills from inside your own experience. Although CYL is structured as a ten-week course, and you can take your time and practice each step as much as you need to, before moving ahead. Within the course, you will find video and audio recordings, handouts, and everything you need to track your own progress. You also get to hear from Devlin, a teen who struggles with anxiety, who shares his experiences at each step of CYL.

YouTube Video


For adults and teens who struggle with anxiety / OCD / perfectionism.

Dr. Sheri Turrell’s Book


The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Teen Anxiety: Activities to Help You Overcome Fears and Worries Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

by Sheri L. Turrell PhD, Christopher McCurry PhD, Mary Bell MSW RSW


Move past anxiety and discover what really matters to you. Written by three experts in teen mental health, this powerful workbook offers evidence-based activities grounded in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to help you cope with anxiety, build resilience, stop avoiding the things you fear and lead a fuller, happier life.

In The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Teen Anxiety, you’ll find helpful alternatives to the ineffective strategies and habits you’re currently using to deal with anxiety, such as avoidance. You’ll find basic information about anxiety to help you recognize what it looks and feels like, mindfulness tips to help you stay in the moment when you feel worried about the future, and tips to help you connect with your own values so you can start putting the important things in life first.

Video Series

Mental Health Information Websites


Anxiety Books for Teens


Depression Information Websites


Books About Depression


Disordered Eating Websites 


Disordered Eating Books for Teens

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